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Always laugh when you can... Laughter is the best medicine!

Do you have trouble making up your mind?
Well... yes and no!

The only way to avoid mistakes is to gain by experience.
The only way to gain experience is to make a mistake.

We learn from our mistakes...
Then I am getting a fantastic education!

He who finds fault in his friendís has faulty friends!

Always be sincere...
Even when you donít mean it!

The road to success is usually under construction!

Is there any intelligent life on earth?
Yes, but Iím only visiting!

Its better to let people think your an idot, then to open your mouth and prove it!

There's nothing so bad as a little knowledge that you think your spouse dosen't know about!

Statistics show most DIETS start tomorrow!

The 3 fastest means of communication:
Telephone, Television and Tell-a-woman!

Who says nothing is impossible?
I have done nothing all my life!

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